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Beautiful Easter Tablescapes

My In-laws egg tapping on Easter.

As in most families, ours divvy up the holidays each year. I’m not sure how I ended up with Easter, but I’m happy to host the pastel laden event! It is usually a very large gathering of about 25-35 friends & family, making formal seating nearly impossible. It’s generally every man woman and child for themselves to find a seat. Traditionally we end up with the kids lounging over by the very cold pool that they will jump into at some point, adults split between a game on the tv in the house and patio seating out back. We will stop for a bit of egg tapping for good luck and then watch the children find hundreds of eggs out in the front acreage of lawn. It’s a lovely day of relaxation and eating until we are stuffed. Can’t get much better than that! But… I do however, LOVE the concept of setting a beautiful Easter themed table, complete with matching linens and stylized centerpieces. I will pour over magazines & articles soaking in all of the bunnies, crosses and eggs in their gorgeousness. Some day this may happen, and until then I’m happy to share my top ten Easter table settings that maybe you can use as inspiration for your Easter table!

1. Oh my goodness, check out this cool boho on pallet tablescape! Macrame is so hot right now! Add some flowers, yummy cookies on top of a pallet table with geometric rug and you are sure to please everyone at this table!

2. So, I'm a sucker for decorating with books and this table blew me away! Look at the little radishes on the wood planks! Oh, and those branch & tin chargers are amazing and could easily be reused for other holidays! Great idea to throw pillows on the benches too! It's all in the details folks!

4. I have been a floral girl from birth and this setting in aaaaahhhhhhhmazing! Mixing coral, pink & white flowers just makes my heart happy! Oh, an don't get me started on those gold details! Swoon! I could sit at this table all day!

5. Surprising to me, I had a hard time find Christian based tablescapes. This natural setting did draw me in, as they added lovely custom touches using a simple gold sharpie! I'm a huge DIY'er and this is something that I could actually do!

6. This elegant tablescape manages to blend family heirlooms with a seasonal cherry blossom runner. A delicate robins egg nest is the only nod to easter and yet it just feels like the perfect setting for the holiday!

7. It's all about the unexpected color of teal on this one! Amid the variations of pastel settings, this deep, rich color palette feels so fresh! Why not rock the darker tones?

8. White cherry blossoms in clear containers with eggs. I've done it many times... and although it's hard to see your neighbor across from you, it's the sacrifice you have to make sometimes! I'm kidding, the arrangements always get moved to a sideboard. This scape added in simple white square & round plates, and I love the silvery candle sticks! Such a light and airy setting!

9. There are a lot of bunny plates out there but these are probably my favorite! Don't they pair lovely with the blush runner? I'm pretty sure that I NEED that table in my life!

10. Lavender love. All of those cool tones blending together make this table so interesting! Jordan almonds don't last long at any of my parties! Did you notice the little succulents? Adorable! A few touches of yellow and it's perfection!

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