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Fabulous Farm Tables

I'm a total fan of farm tables. There's something about their rustic charm that just makes me a little bit giddy when I see one set up for an event. When we were narrowing down what we wanted to do for tables and chairs at our venue, I really wanted to pick something a little bit out of the box. Everyone has long resin tables, or round tables. You can grab them at Sam's Club, and although they are awesome for so many reasons, they are readily available for the masses. Do you know what also comes with those tables? Wrinkled table cloths. You can order them direct from a rental company and they will still have lines where they have been folded. I personally have sat for hours attempting to steam and iron out those pesky wrinkles and I refuse to do it any longer. Which is why we are rocking the farm table here at The Colonia Building. We have the table capacity & heavy duty white resin chairs to seat 80 in our venue. They will be set up and ready for you to come and decorate to your heart's content. No wrinkles. Dress them up funky or simple, these bad boys of vintage greatness can handle it all. Oh, and just in case you can't imagine how cool they are, I'm sharing some of my favorite Pinterest finds of farm table settings to get those creative juices flowing for your event!

Soft blue spring garden bliss on this lighter farm table. I especially love the lanterns and climbing roses above the table. Definitely inspiring for the back courtyard design!

Oh goodness, who doesn't love a few succulents on the brunch table? Macramé is hot this year and totally grounds the table long arrangement perfectly! Throw in a few grapefruits and you will be ready to sit for hours with friends at your next event!

Have a special scarf, or small table cloth? What a perfect way to share it! This vintage square with detailed fringe frames this farm table bouquet perfectly. I also love using antique cake stands to elevate and create dimension on tables. This table is a collector's dream!

Although we aren't allowed any open flames in our building, you better believe that I still use my vintage candelabras! They have some amazing battery powered tapered candles out there and we've been using them in the building since we used to host the Haunted Hotel right after we bought it!

On a budget? We've been trimming our eucalyptus & curly willow trees for years to decorate for events! Even better, it's will sit for a bit without seriously wilting, so you can set up early and not have to worry about it looking bad! Such a simple design and very chic!

Velvet chairs and a very long garland of greens. What a dreamy idea for your head table! We have several pieces of antique furniture laying around the building and you are welcome to use them for your event!

Oh autumn is my favorite time of the year! Apples & autumn leaves are comfortable and warm, perfect for a fall gathering!

I'm a sucker for colored glass goblets. I use them in my everyday life all the time, and boy do they clean up nicely for a tablescape!

Have I mentioned that we have a little back patio? Yep! Lights are draped overhead, and you can feel the soft cooling breeze. The atmosphere out back is totally casual and has a romantic European courtyard vibe in the evenings.

There is really so much inspiration for your event if you deep dive into Pinterest! If you don't have a planner helping you, it's truly the best way to see your options out there!

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