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Vintage Finds for your Flowers!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I have a complete and total weakness for flowers. All colors, all sizes, you name it I tend to swoon over them. However, I come by it honestly... both my mother & grandmother were florists.

Growing up in a flower shop, you might think that I learned a thing or two about flower arranging… well, I guess I technically did. You know the basics… odd number of flowers in arrangements, remove the lower foliage so it doesn’t rot in the water, cut the flowers with a knife on a diagonal. Now my mom takes things to another level… she can make masterpieces out of a couple of wildflowers and a twig or two. Me, not so much. My specialty is mixing grocery story finds with my yard plants in eclectic containers. Oh, I have pretty vases and mason jars but my heart simply sings when I can use something around the house as an eclectic vase.

A few years ago in Belgium while scouring an antique store I found the coolest pewter mug. I believe that I was told that it was a form measurement, and the stamps on it were some sort of certification used each time that it was checked. I didn’t care so much about that but I knew that it was the perfect size vase for my flowers! Not too tall… not too thick. Recently while roaming in Poland I saw this unusual pewter tea pot and added it to my collection.

It's easy to start your own collection... Yard sales and antique shops are a great place to start searching for your perfect vase at a reasonable price! Don't forget Grandma's house... she will usually have something perfect up in an old cabinet. Check out these fun finds!

Have a few old trophies laying around? Pull those puppies out of storage and fill them up with flowers! Start with some cuttings from your trees & shrubs outdoors and then fill in with whatever season flowers are available at your grocery store! Super easy an a great conversation piece!

Who doesn't have a few old coke bottles hanging around? Take a walk with the kids and pick some wildflowers to perk up your bottles! The tops are narrow so keep to one thicker stemmed flower or a few tall wispy ones will look amazing!

How adorable is this? A fresh whimsical flower arrangement propped into a pair of old cowboy boots! Simply make the arrangements in an old vase or mason jar and then slip into the boots. Perfect for a fun country themed shower or wedding!

Old wood crates show up from time to time and what an adorable container they make! You can find all sizes and styles but these small narrow ones make a great centerpiece for your kitchen table! I especially love how they have incorporated moss & succulents in this display.

Galvanized buckets are always a great 'go-to' container for their rustic charm. They hold water well and if you want to add a fun natural touch, add some jute string on the handle. I use jute to wrap gifts, display photos and also in the garden. You can get it anywhere from Michaels to your local hardware store.

This old metal trough feeder cleans up great and is definitely a conversation piece! You can arrange flowers in it or simply plant some favorite succulents for an easy low-maintenance long term display.

What a great find! Old wood tool boxes are usually pretty tore up when you find them. Most are damaged due to extreme use over the years. Honestly to me, that ups the charm on these bad boys!

I rarely make tea (unless it's in a jar)... but I probably own about 5 teapots that I pull out over the year. I have a great brass one for the fall (oh, the warm colors rock in it!), and pewter for spring. The rest are hodge podge, but I guess that is the fun part! Finding something quirky that catches your eye is part of the process!

Last but certainly not the least... 'Tis the season! In this case autumn! Grab a gorgeous pumpkin at your local pumpkin farm and make an arrangement using what is available outside! Berries are always a great filler and eucalyptus trees are readily available in our area.

My favorite local places to find unusual colored pumkins are at

Bishops Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland

Book's Family Farm in Durham

& it's always fun to make a day trip to Camino to visit the amazing farms up at Apple Hill! I usually look for locations where they grown them onsite rather than truck them in.

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