• Marci Shadd

Got Milk Biggs?

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Recently I was scrolling the depths of Facebook when I ran across a shared article telling about how a little community in Florida called Mayo changed their name to Miracle Whip. I seriously laughed out loud. Memories of a similar request came flooding to me with a smile.

In fall of 2002, the City of Biggs received a letter from the California Milk Processing Board. At that time they had an incredible ad campaign that had a lot of famous people sporting milk mustaches with the slogan “Got Milk?”.

The letter promised to place Biggs on the map with instant notoriety… and that a meaningful contribution would be donated to the city’s school. I think that most of the community found it humorous. As in most towns there were many up in arms about even considering the notion. Honestly I couldn’t see this as something that would be a permanent thing, just a temporary run while that ad ran it’s course. After a bit of drama the storm calmed and Biggs obviously wasn’t renamed. It’s fun for the locals to remember that brief five minutes of fame, rolling our eyes in obvious awe of the company who thought that they could buy off a little town.

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