• Marci Shadd

Original key fobs

Updated: Feb 19, 2019


Over the past few years several items have been returned to us that once belonged to the hotel, or the pharmacy next door. Some of these were sold by previous owners, and the new owners wanted us to have them. Other items were removed in secret. Luckily the awesome people of our community have shown up holding full drawers of old bottles (as they were taken right out of the cabinetry), old photographs, fun furniture, etc. etc. As much as I so appreciate our friends returning these great finds to us, it's kind of sad knowing that a lot of the original documentation has been packed away and probably won't be seen again. However... a couple of these fabulous old original brass key fobs have been returned to us... and they are my most precious finds! They remind us that things used to be built to last, and that if you forgot to return your key it would only cost the hotel 3 cents to have it shipped back to them. This fob also shows us the correct spelling of the building and that there were at least 29 rooms! It also tells us that Biggs was a thriving community that had a group of wealthy patrons that gathered together to build a modern hotel for visitors. What an amazing little gift that was left for us!

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