• Marci Shadd

Is This Finally Happening?

I have spent four very long years planning the rehab of this building. I have also come to the realization however, that it may not look like the final product for a very long time. Those darn high expectations and my small budget have been getting into my head. It has been brought to my attention recently that people still love this old building even if my floors aren't perfect... or I have no chandeliers in my venue space. They look past the scarred gloomy exterior. They smile when they see the bookshelf knowing the secret behind it. These same wonderful people don't care if all my doors match, or if some of the transoms are open, while other's are closed. They see my vision for the back courtyard and they offer advice on how to get 100 year old windows clean. Visitors always say... "If these walls could talk"... but what they don't realize is that their loving comments, stories & adoration have brought this building back to life.

We were blessed to have held a wedding celebration at the space this weekend. It was lovely, and full of amazing people, both young and old. It was a friend's family and I didn't want to hover so I went for a walk, trusting them to carry on without me. Periodically I would check in on the security camera, and found myself awed by the life and celebration that was going on within the walls. The check in room, with it's crystal chandeliers & velvet couches had to have held 20 people laughing and lounging together, enjoying each other's company. I watched people exploring the halls, and sharing a meal on the many decorated tables in the venue. It was as if the building had come to life again, more so than it ever had in the past 50 years. Even if I never host another event inside, the entire process was entirely worth it to see our community alive again.

I got a notification on my phone yesterday that someone was in the building, and as I had expected some clean up from my friends I wasn't too worried. Eventually I popped on to look at the camera for a quick moment to make sure it was them and to my surprise one of the teenagers cleaning up walked to each camera and gave a little wave as she moved on to the next space. I laughed out loud at her seemingly small gesture. A new generation now has a story of the time that they partied in the old hotel in Biggs. She'll talk about going up to the third story in dark with the weird owner, of the secret staircase, and climbing through a window out to the balcony. She will remember hanging out with her friends on the red velvet couch... laughing and taking photos of each other. This, my friends is only the beginning. Oh, the stories we will tell with this extended time that we have here at the Colonia.

The character of the building speaks for itself. The ever evolving rebuild will continue... possibly for years, and yet I have decided to go ahead start to rent the space for private events this spring. If you are interested in using the space for a celebration, corporate event or are a photographer that would like to shoot the space, please read more by clicking the graphic below.

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