• Marci Shadd

Grandma Green

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Upstairs at the hotel, several of the rooms were joined together at some point, with small bathrooms added on. The tubs were claw foot, but smaller in length... about 4 feet. There were adorable little corner sinks and the tiny space was organized quite well! My favorite bathroom is the green one... the outer walls had fallen over, but when you went through the actual green door everything was painted grandma green. The front of the tub, the trim, the bottom of the sink, the door... all that same shade of green. Grandma Green.

Grandma green is the color that my grandmother used to paint her house, her piano and basically anything else that need a coat of paint! It was funny at the time, and I don't remember if it was her favorite color or what, but it was everywhere! Unfortunately, these photos of her home and piano don't reflect the bright nature of the color but it was a total statement shade of green and she owned it! Makes me totally want to keep the funky green bathroom, because it reminds me of an amazing woman that could rock alto by ear, whip up a flower arrangement or 20 in a hot minute, and always took us to church (as much as we grumbled that it was old fashioned and boring). Everyone should be lucky enough to have a grandmother in their life like her and I'm sure that my brothers & many cousins would agree... that she was the best!

Aunt Tanya suggested that Grandma might be spinning in her grave to know that a photo of her singing in her nightgown was being shared in the world... but I think that she's probably thinking that her legs looked amazing! Rock on grandma green!

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