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The Stairwell Landing

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

You may or may not know that I am a photographer. I primarily shoot high school seniors, but also enjoy engagements, maternity & families throughout the year. When we purchased the hotel, it was natural to immediately begin shooting my seniors inside. The dusty brick walls, peeling wallpaper and sense of abandonment all translate beautifully within images. It's literally a dream space to shoot! I happen to have a favorite location... it's along the stairwell, on a landing that is lit by the most lovely filtered light. I've shot it so many times and it never fails to impress! Recently I was so saddened to realize that we were going to have to replace that particular part of plaster on the wall that I so love... I was absolutely sure that I could never shoot there again. Part of it's beauty was the peeling paint, spray painted graffiti (that I always had to photoshop) and dust, and with that all cleaned up, well it's just not the same.

Last night I had a shoot that started at the hotel. My client's older daughter had shot in the stairwell and was hoping that we could do a few of her current senior there. We immediately walked up the stairs and then came the realization that we had removed the plaster several weeks prior. Ugh. Sadness. But... although it had changed, it was still so incredibly beautiful. Only in a new way.

The transition that the building is having, is so much more than cosmetic. It's an ever evolving piece of our history, our current lives as well as our future. It creates emotion and appreciation. It stirs memories of our youth and curiosity of times gone by. It's deeper than simply slapping some paint on the walls to me. But... it kind of is what it is. Changes have to be made, this week the walls are gorgeous and rustic... next week they may be painted a fresh new color. Each a beautiful transition through the life of a building.

Two sisters... the view today on the left, a few years ago on the right. Both gorgeous. It's surprising to me how much my editing style has changed in such a short time. I guess we are all evolving, not just the building. :)

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