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William Huntley - Actor

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Today’s guest blog post is from William Huntley, attendee at Biggs Schools from K through 10th grade. His love of acting began early as he fondly remembers making a movie in Mr. Bynums class, and working with his grandmother's stage group as a child. William eventually moved on to larger projects and has had an expansive career in stage, movies and television. He has film credit in movies such as Men in Black III and my personal favorite Disney’s Enchanted. William currently resides in New York, but comes back to Biggs regularly to visit family and friends. I’m so excited to share his memories of growing up in Biggs with you!

At one time four generations of my family lived in Biggs, though we go back at least 6 generations. I grew up in the Biggs Unified School system and consider many of my former teachers and their families to be the dearest friends I have. The uniqueness of a small community like Biggs is the generational connections people make and hold onto for many years.

I experienced the agricultural connection the community has firsthand as myself and many in my family were employed by local ranchers, farmers, and growers to do the seasonal work. In addition to local activities and events coinciding with the growing season, much of Biggs local customs is through the school system. The assemblies, concerts, strawberry festival, the 8th grade and high school graduations; but of course no one knows more about local sport zeal and spirit than a Biggs Wolverine.

In the summer my days passed by swimming at the Biggs Pool until the 5pm dinner closing. I'd return to swim the evening hour or join my teammates on the Biggs Little League Giants for some action under the bright lights playing ball. Though my family has moved away from Biggs many of the families I grew up with, as did my mother, still live in Biggs with their succeeding generations. I’m still connected to Biggs. I always will be. The generational connections you make growing up in a small community become the treasures you hold for life.

William photographed in Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus


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