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Built in 1905 in the small bustling city of Biggs, California this full scale modern hotel of its time stood as a cornerstone of the local community.   Hosting over 35 rooms with hot & cold water, electricity and call bells for it's patrons, it was the place to stay for both short and long term visits.


Over the years the building hosted many events from suffragists and state officials in the 1900's, to famous crooners and actors hunting duck in our area through the 1950's and 1960's. The 70's and 80's brought back live music and entertainment to the bar.  By the 90's the doors closed and weren't opened again until 2016 when the Shadd's purchased it, with it's boarded up windows and crumbling plaster.  5 years later, after a lot of love and sweat equity The Colonia Building is open again for private events.  

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Turning a Vision into Reality

Hoping to save the cornerstone building in her small community, Marci Shadd purchased the 1905 abandoned building with a vision of bringing life back into the space.  A photographer by trade, Marci’s artistic background helped her to design an elegant historic venue space with a touch of quirky modern style.  It didn’t hurt of course, that she was raised in a flower shop full of strong creative women well versed in taking charge of events, making the transition to creative director of events a natural one.

Marci Shadd

Owner & Creative Director

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